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From selling products to selling solutions, it is time to change the LED display industry
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From selling products to selling solutions, it is time to change the LED display industry
This year, due to the rising prices of raw materials, labor costs increase, logistics costs increase, prices tide swept across China's manufacturing industry.Early price increases, the thought is individual behavior, lift not waves;Medium-term said there are able to withstand strong strength, resolute don't increase the price;Later, the flood of rise in price to, again to the industry reshuffle, LED display price rationality return to get rid of the price war...
Has long been LED display industry of low price competition is considered the industry a tumor.Hinder the industry development, however, the root cause is not low price competition, boom does not solve the vicious price war, to solve the price war, is a creative solution to promote the development of industry, high-end market applications.
We in addition to some spacing for a smaller and more clear, transparent screens do do outdoor screen is bigger...What else can I do?

LED display industry has relied on the development of technology, our products are in progress, but the market has become more and more difficult.In the face of rising costs, as well as the increasing improvement of the market demand, will also face the world all kinds of display technology emerge constantly, perhaps now we are in advantage, but such advantage and can last long.LED display companies when timely by selling products to sell solutions.

Selling products bring is processing profits, selling solutions to bring more profits;
Sell products to the seller brings a trade customers, selling solution for sellers is a strategic partner;
Selling products team was just thinking about how to fix a product for the market, and sell solution request team to consider how to sell a service;
Sell products only considering where to find the next customer, company will consider selling solutions how to dig a customer.
For customers before, may need three to four companies to provide all of these services, a vendor can solve the problem now, simplify the work flow.Profits from the enterprise point of view, do not only, more important is a greater viscosity after increased opportunities for interaction with customers, reinforce dependency.Completes the solution is very necessary and urgent.Because enterprise customer value products, not only the services behind the more important, a good solution to succeed to the customer's attention from price to service, avoid the homogeneity of price competition, and once negotiated after the cooperation of both sides for a long time, to maintain the customer cost is low.
Simple design in the product, and the designers or design companies only need to think about how to design a differentiated products targeted recognition is done their job.In the era of the solution and design thinking is how to build a business around products, this is the biggest difference.Now the design of the solution is no longer focused on a single product, but rather to multi-dimensional considerations, each dimension requires professionals involved in design and development.Such as hardware developers with software developers need to cooperate with each other, integrate resources, to integrate our products and services provided to customers.Do focus on the product strategy of product design, solution complexity is high, the more is the integrated innovation.
Solution, as the name implies, is the key to solve the problem of the customer.The problems and needs of customers is not the same, this requires enterprises in the development of solutions, fully understand the customer pain points in the use of products and the development trend of the future, targeted to develop the corresponding solutions.In the past few years has seen a lot of successful transformation cases.Its failure reason also is mostly in devising solutions, not standing in customer's point of view to solve customer's problems.
At the time of the solution to the market, enterprises need to review pricing and sales model, to solve the following questions: one, the value of the solution is clear, how to quantify value;How much is two, customers' willingness to pay;Three, the original pricing model is feasible, whether should consider a new pricing method and pricing;Four, the original sales channels and the team is also suitable for promoting new product sales, how should do adjustment, and so on.
Enterprise development solution, not a large amount of resources I can do it, need some correct methods.
Many teams, multidimensional development.Do solution requires sustainable operating model.Can use the product manager responsibility system, had better use matrix organization structure, different team members can cross.
Strategy combination, can break through.The same internal different solutions, how to balance between the need for more effective treatment.When doing scheme combination can be adjusted according to the different needs of different customers.
Repeated use.Not every solution need new to do all the modules, how to improve the utilization of existing products and services that run on the same platform app, it is necessary to take into account from the leadership and strategic level.
Anyway, innovation is the survival and development of an enterprise, enterprise foothold in the market should have the ability of self innovation, there is no innovation, rely on the traditional things will only be squeezed out by the market.Technology with the development of economy, the original product is single, the original may only be a profit-seeking display products, now would be a display system, and even to become a complete set of application solutions, it is with the development of the market and technology itself to improve the inevitable, is also a kind of progress, will lead the product and the whole market to expand, has the positive significance.