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LED the Gospel of enterprise: guangdong plan for enterprise -- 400 billion
【Time】2016-05-30 11:24:00   【From】LEDGM   【Views】

Recently, in order to give enterprise pressure, stimulate the real economy development, many local governments recent intensive "cost reduction".From a measure of the amount of burden for the target value of 10 provinces, at least this year plan for the enterprise during the more than 800 billion.Among them, according to the overall plan supply side structural reform of guangdong province (2016-2018) and five action plan given during the quota target, guangdong during the limit is the largest, is expected by the end of this year for the enterprise to reduce the cost of 400 billion.

In the face of such a huge burden, distinguished members of guangdong people's political consultative conference, dongguan Taiwanese Ye Chunrong before media interview said: "this is the Gospel of the enterprise. The economy rising, enterprise is relatively easy to make money, to these taxes also complain that is not big, but these are difficult economic times, the enterprise survival is very difficult, so big tax cuts down the negative, it is necessary to let enterprise economical to run."

Indeed, as Ye Chunrong notes, this is the Gospel of the enterprise, but also LED the Gospel of the enterprise.

As is known to all, another name for guangdong is China's LED industry, is the so-called "global look at China's LED industry development, China's LED industry development in guangdong", shenzhen guangdong LED a pillar point of industrial clusters.But in recent years, many enterprises have been moved from shenzhen.

According to data shows, in July 2011, chau Ming technology investment construction LED project, daya bay in huizhou in the near future and in stepping up 11 square meters of the LED application base construction;In October 2011, the factory also in huizhou science park began production;That same year, shenzhen lehman photoelectric technology co., LTD. Industrial park opened in huizhou.

In 2013, embellish is smooth "escape" shenzhen science and technology, to date, has successfully completed the main LED packaging production line from shenzhen light factory to dongguan songshan lake high-tech industrial development zone of relocation.Similarly, earlier this year, cisco's new factory in dongguan, is expected to begin years later.

Why are there so many factories escape from shenzhen?Investigate its reason, in addition to the excessive influx and blind expansion of enterprises and lead to overcapacity, enterprises outflow, artificial, rent, water, higher taxes and fees, etc, are firmly on the head of a sharp knife in the enterprise, especially the human cost and rental cost after last year's "rush", some enterprises have felt the pressure of rental fee cause, therefore, the LED enterprises will be moved back to the mainland factory abundant human resources, lower cost, the only left the r&d and sales department at the shenzhen phenomenon is not surprising.

And shenzhen prices by leaps and bounds, high consumer prices make foreign workers to eat less, can't afford to live, can't afford to buy more, choose to go home or business development is their helpless, but for shenzhen LED the development of enterprises is undoubtedly devastating blow, because LED the development of the enterprise cannot leave the talents.Various big costs at the same time, the LED companies salary unchanged, difficult to retain people, this has LED to the LED enterprises moved from shenzhen factory or peripherals.

And, more importantly, in most of the enterprises are experiencing "production does not increase, income not ZengLi" dilemma, the tax is a big LED enterprise cost, therefore, in guangdong province issued a list of 6 400 billion students this year, single tax cost a lower limit is up to 215 billion, the proportion of more than 50%.And this, just the most JiangFei field of enterprise most looking forward to.

To sum up, the cost reversed transmission enterprise escape, is by no means alarmist, cost reduction is imperative, guangdong's tax burden, is the enterprise of the Gospel and opportunities."But in addition to the central and local governments to give tax cuts to drop negative measures, the enterprise itself need more practice internal work, by improving the management, cost control, own to digest part of the cost, this is the basic."The Chinese academy of social sciences researcher at the institute of industrial economy, China's regional economic association secretary general Chen said.

Small make up with Chen said, if companies don't take the initiative to uniting the internal strength, improve the management cost and cost control consciousness, only rely on government subsidies to reduce costs, blindly will climb a tree to look for fish, want to also!So, small make up hope, LED enterprises should make full use of during the policy, also want to self excitation.