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Outdoor Module Wholesale -DIP

Outdoor Module Wholesale -DIP 

Pixel Pitch: 10/16/20mm

Brightness 6500-9000nits

Application field: Led display is mainly used in shopping centers, hospitals, Banks, enterprises and institutions, the pavilion, sports venues, the ticket hall, hotels, securities companies, shopping malls, businesses, schools, stage, banking, securities, public security, transportation, industry and commerce, electricity, customs, hospital, park, airport, station, security, television and other fields.


Product Features:


●  Superior Uniformity: Solved the mosaic problem, so the image consistency across a display is excellent


●  Extra-high brightness and can be adjustable: It can meet the needs for different environmental applications.


●  Better viewing experience: The screen can show clear & vivid text, pictures and video


●  Easy maintenance: Can be maintained by single pixel, the cost of which is low