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Introduction of the r&d team

After many years development, the construction and development of GM photoelectric in the field of LED display has a strong, excellent quality, down-to-earth excellent r&d team, to provide a steady stream of power for the development of enterprises.At present, there are technical personnel more than 30 people at GM photoelectric, hire domestic famous LED display, LED light source and lamps and lanterns experts as advisers to the research and development center, frontier technology research and development field, and with tsinghua university, lanzhou university and other colleges and universities cooperation, study, research, production integration.
GMi photoelectric headquarters set up r&d center in shenzhen, mainly to undertake LED products research and development, product quality inspection standards with the international synchronization, ensure product quality, stability, product factory qualified rate in more than 99.3%.At present, gold Wallace every year to market new products about 5-10, to be the light of LED display mainly the mainstream market demand products, LED lighting are mainly composed of indoor lighting products.At the same time, strict certification requirements for the international market, GM photoelectric according to international standards to develop products that meet the quality standards, with stable and reliable quality won the Europe and the United States, Japan and other high-end market and customer recognition

The production workshop to see:

Aging workshop

Screen aging

Assembly workshop

The workshop

Production line

The maintenance crew

Reflow soldering

Automatic glue machine

High temperature detection

Stick a capacitance

SMT workshop

Component inserter

Wave soldering

High speed automatic component inserter

A production workshop