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Stage LED Displays

Mainly used in high-grade entertainment, discos, large song and dance party, fashion show, outdoor advertising signs, building curtain wall and other places.
Is mainly used in the film and television studios, digital stage as a backdrop, is a kind of can render the virtual scene and color effects of multimedia LED display system.
, not only convenient and quick installation, disassembly, has more cost advantages, suitable for large area manufacturing stage background.
Stage, the LED screen to show the scenery image lifelike, abstract images, can build a dream effect.
Equipped with professional audio and video processing system, support stage a variety of signal processing, to ensure the quality from signal processing, making it possible to play high fidelity image signal.
, with functions of double line hot backup, two computers control a screen at the same time, when a computer problems, another computer automatic replacement, to ensure normal work of the display.