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Customer Service

Service Mailbox:


Sales Hotline:13692105755  Tom

After-sales service contact
Working time:(8:30-12:00,13:30-18:00)
After-sales service 24 hours service telephone:13692105755
After-sales service email:sales@ledgm.net

Scope of after service
Within our service scope includes: display hardware fault, display connector, display control system fault, fault, by our company is equipped with display screen display control software supporting facilities of failure.Within the warranty period we paid service and free service to distinguish between the following table
1. The display screen unit module, power supply, fan fault
2. The display control system failure (graphics, sending card and receiving card) displays the casing we distribution cable fault
3. Control screen is the software fault
Warranty service free of charge
1. The screen (such as: structure decoration, etc.) the water screen failure
2. Human factors resulting in failure of display screen (e.g., to display irregularities)
3. Display the fault caused by natural disasters
Warranty service fee
Level of fault judgement criteria and method
Company according to the characteristics of the display, the display screen judgement and treatment method of the fault
The fault level Fault judgement standard screen a large number of power modules or damaged The solution
Level 1 fault Screen plug and socket connection problems and control software failure Remote telephone or network instruction
Level 2 fault
Unit module, power supply, receiving card, sending card, graphics card damage Mail service
Level 3 failure Fault judgement standard screen a large number of power modules or damaged Door to door service
Level 4 fault The power cord on the screen burn or burn the large Numbers of modules Door to door service
Special activities support
If you have any major events need I company engineers to the site for technical support, we can provide paid services.