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Sports LED Displays

Sports information solutions is a comprehensive sports competition information publishing system based on network technology, information, including race of video program release statistics, competition information, advertising and management and LED display terminal remote control, etc.
Sports information solutions to ensure the competition information and advertising information on the automaticity, timeliness and safety, program planning, control, and the accuracy of a play, for the sports venue information release platform provides a strong technical implementation.
, sports venues information release solution using efficient B/S management mode, all functions can be operated by a web browser (such as IE).West sports information solutions do not need to install the client software, simplifies the difficulty of the software installation and operation, also can improve the system efficiency, and the interface is simple, clear program list produced convenient and flexible, program launch and manage the operation is simple, the user need not deliberately to study, can easily grasp.
Sports venues information release solution using video processing function and image stitching and Shader function using D3D technology, give full play to the technical potential of GUP, in video processing can not only provide gray scale and color image processing function, can also provide real-time image sharpening (such as resolution enhancement) based on the function of 2 d digital image filtering techniques.
Sports venue information release solution using LED display as a display terminal, with flexible distribution area, adapt to the household effect of internal and external environment, the display quality of high quality, shock, simple maintenance is convenient wait for a characteristic.