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Accumulated yellow total share: LED display development trend in overseas markets
【Time】2016-09-08 11:52:00   【From】LEDGM   【Views】
As the world famous LED driver IC manufacturers, accumulated the development trend of the global LED market with keen insight.Accumulate marketing director Mr Huang Bingkai share accumulate views about LED display the overseas market development trend.

Mr Huang Bingkai could be divided into the major overseas markets, Japan and South Korea, Europe four regions.He believes that the current market in the United States are low-priced eroded by Chinese manufacturers, increasingly fierce competition, in order to meet the market demand at a lower price, some manufacturers have to reduce the warranty period.At the same time, the system integrator is more and more dependent on the Chinese manufacturers, vendors can provide perfect service will win in the market.For the European market, local brands display demand improved significantly, and small and medium-sized brand is facing price competition from Chinese manufacturers, limited ability to get orders.From the point of application field, the European market as a whole needs a boost mainly from VMS and transportation USES.On the Japanese market, the conventional screen demand stabilised, weaker export demand;Fine Pitch display has become a new hot spot, there are multiple vendors on research and development, and when to enter mass production remains to be seen.

The regional global market share (data from IHS)

From the point of the global market, China has replaced North America as the world's largest LED market in 2015, the north American market share in a downward trend, Asia Pacific, Latin America, Western Europe has risen steadily, eastern Europe, the Middle East, Japan market is relatively stable.Market competition, domestic competition is fierce, the relative surplus production capacity, and the government subsidy policy factors, such as manufacturers have to overseas markets, and even set up a branch abroad.At present, besides DAKT global screen top ten have all Chinese companies.In North America, the main incentive competition in the market opportunity is still in outdoor sports venues and public areas;The effects of Latin American markets continued to watch the Olympic Games.Asia-pacific and eastern Europe market is mainly in the aspect of outdoor advertising sign, small spacing due to price factors, the market volume is not big.At present, China's first and second line manufacturer of a main direction is the market capacity of steadily rising in Western Europe and Latin America market.

Mr Huang Bingkai share way, from the point of the infoComm show in June, 2016, display products: the first part is display system integrated daqo has multiple point spacing LED display program, new vendor directly display a little bit of spacing is less than 1.5 mm;The second is the Chinese exhibitors is given priority to with LED display manufacturers, exhibits many for different screen, screen and small spacing reflecting the trend of the market demand for LED display in North America.Technology, infoComm 2016 exhibition technology focus mainly focused on the display (LED, LCD, OLED), small spacing, surface display, transparent, etc.

Finally, the accumulated director Mr Huang Guanghong share the goal of enterprise management experience.Yellow dong for enterprise key success factors, in particular the implementation of ISO management. ISO9001:2015 version of the standard, to adapt to the more complex application environment and meet the demand for management system has higher expectations of business.Quality is the foundation of the enterprise, the management of the quality system is an important goal of enterprise management.