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Introduction to the LED display market direction in 2016
【Time】2015-12-24 11:38:00   【From】LEDGM   【Views】

Introduction to the LED display market direction in 2016
LED display market is for the king, now can see the trend of the development of the LED display development, create the future of the LED display industry.
Elijah, photoelectric lianjian photoelectric, powerful giant colour light electricity, Abby's photoelectric as the main object of analysis. On each company in the LED display industry development direction. For example, leah, with small spacing for the market, create a high-density era, the company represents a small spacing is occupy the market, win the future unlimited space for development. In factory, for example. With advertising media is given priority to, to drive LED display outdoor advertising new mileage, and represents the outdoor media and a role to meet the development opportunities, create a new era of outdoor advertising media. Powerful giant color, for example, one of the best in the wholesale. Drive the universality of the LED display, to the county city development. The company represents the wholesale industry leader, LED the local engineering crucial customer market forces to win a large market space, reflect the wholesale ecru. Like Abby, export king. To create the miracle of the foreign trade market!Company represents the export business of LED display era. Drives LED display towards internationalization. This has to be said in this piece of business set up foreign trade, the banner of benchmarking to LED display go further. Integrated the above said, these are examples of their respective development direction, occupy the market to win the market.
2016 LED display the developing direction of our worth thinking about. The company worth to be learned by other companies, a company must locate an industry development direction, to go further, to become the industry benchmarking. If there is no alignment with the market. That could only be eliminated...So we have to go unconventional, gold mai photoelectric direction, makes the LED display is not the same as the development direction, in 2016 we gold mai photoelectric all employees work together to fight it...