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A variety of technical features tell you install LED lattice screen (awning screen) in where?
【Time】2016-07-15 17:19:00   【From】LEDGM   【Views】

What is the LED grille screen?Grille plate, as the name implies, refers to a kind of emerging in recent years, with them in an article lamp grille screen, is another term for light bar screen.Because of its shape is hollow-out type, grid, strip type and so on, so the people also call it a grid panel, hollow out screen, awning screen, light screen, etc.This kind of display screen is mainly used in outdoor wall, glass curtain wall, the top of the building, the television tower tower, also includes outdoor anti-aircraft gun, sightseeing elevator, etc.

Grille screen design of cross-cutting, broke through the traditional LED display restrictions for the building metope, make engineering have become more flexible, more choices, more comfortable, the following is to deconstruct the grille design ideas and technical characteristics of screen, and how it can bring convenience to engineering.

Due to the special product architecture, different body type screen, LED lattice screen and has the following features:

1. Light weight, small wind load

For grille plate, light weight is the most intuitive experience is our.As screen mesh, this enables the display to leak, so it's strong ability of wind load.

2. High performance low power consumption

The real energy saving from: high brightness, high photosynthetic efficiency of LED lights, high power conversion efficiency.

3. Highly integrated

A highly integrated (built-in power supply and receiving card, each unit can work independently; connect the power supply and signal line).

4. High IP67 degree of protection

The degree of protection of many traditional display will indicate the, before how much IP and the IP, the two data.High and grille screen with IP67 protection grade, because waterproof IP67 concept is soaked, namely product whole soaking, use security and stability is guaranteed.

5. Easy to install

No steel structure installation, no air conditioning, but before the installation, after installation.

Products are light weight, convenient installation, can be before installation, can be after installation;Products without air conditioning, in one side can also see the product of low power consumption, electric energy into light energy of higher efficiency rather than heat, save a part of the project cost for the customer.