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Transparent LED screen will be developed to the direction of all outdoor?
【Time】2016-09-08 11:55:00   【From】LEDGM   【Views】
The transparent screen mainly indoor installation of outdoor LED display half outdoor products, closely linked with glass curtain wall, etc, in recent years LED transparent screen the market is continually expanding, foreground is very wide also.In order to better development, occupy more market share, will develop the perfect outdoor display products win a larger market space also seems to be not impossible.However, transparent LED screen to all outdoor really that simple?

Recently, the shenzhen city administration of shenzhen planning and land resources committee issued "shenzhen outdoor LED display set up a special planning control guidelines" (hereinafter referred to as guide).Guide requirements, residential area building outdoor LED display is prohibited.And residential areas, hospitals, schools, religious sites adjacent commercial land should be lower density, the voice of the 10 metres away from screen should not exceed 70 db, open time at 8 a.m. to 11 PM.

This "guide" can see, traditional outdoor LED display installation using seem to is being more and more strict restrictions, so transparent LED screen to the outdoor development is more struggling?

We know that the first transparent LED screen brightness is higher, including installation projects such as outdoor installation, light pollution is relatively serious, it is difficult to through the relatively strict examination and approval of outdoor LED display is installed, want it to the outdoor, this problem should not be ignored.

Second, the most developed city in the coastal zone in our country, and display the biggest application market is developed cities, coastal cities due to factors such as geographic location, often the typhoon is more, for security and other factors, it is transparent LED screen to outdoor a big obstacle.

Therefore, the LED transparent to the direction of all outdoor screen, seem to have a long way to go, but it has a very wide range of applications or indoors, with great market space, can completely replace the traditional LED display in the future.In addition, outdoor LED display by environmental factors such as the demand is higher, waterproof, dustproof, lightning-proof, such as essential, although transparent LED screen has the advantages such as lightweight, but if you want to go outside, all these problem must be resolved.

In conclusion, although the LED transparent screen outdoors for now seems to be the problem is more, but with its high transparency, lightweight, easy installation, energy conservation and environmental protection etc., in indoor applications has a very broad prospect.In addition, with the improvement of people's living standards, quality of life requirement also more and more high, aesthetic are also rising, also will more and more high to the requirement of LED display.Most of the traditional LED display for now or physical products, with practical give priority to, transparent LED screen if based on the practical increase their ornamental value, will be more popular with the market, to win more market space.