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Digital evolution and trend of development of outdoor media advertising
【Time】2016-05-30 11:28:00   【From】LEDGM   【Views】

Survey found that ordinary people sustained attention from 12 seconds per capita in 2000 fell to 2013, 8 seconds * 1, and there is a downward trend.This means that the attention of consumers for a single media information point ability in the fall.In 2016 May have only 4 to 5 seconds, not literally!!!!!

People of different age stages, select the source of information, living space and entertainment methods vary, but one thing is the same - the choice of media are heavily dependent on the way of life.Young people mobile phones as the sixth body organs, actively choose dozens of app.Efficiency, education, entertainment, social networking, shopping, life and other categories of application forms, common to grab the consumer length (studies suggest an average of 5 hours a day * 2).

According to the IAB the definition of the interactive advertising bureau, the use of interactive advertising media must be include consumers and advertisers two-way operation.Online advertising is born with search, jump, ranking, classification, the core of the digital transmission characteristics, such as, and often need to pass the Ad server Ad server (by) website, advertisers and third parties have computational advertising and effect.This is the essence of digital advertising request - all advertising is digital, audience browsing behavior is real-time data monitoring and transformation effect.

Traditional outdoor advertising, the statistical method of traffic capacity unconvincing to stop screen after/before accurate measurement, is through the video data, ibeacon data, NFC near field communication, wi-fi connection, such as bluetooth technology to realize.Above communication access, advantage is extended interactivity, this interactive experience on outdoor advertising puts forward higher requirements.And its disadvantage is obvious, that is need consumers to initiate the request, for the outdoor advertising provides the connection consumer interactive development opportunities.In contrast, by face recognition system, the video data can swiftly complete basic data collection and processing, before screen without consumer request, can be regarded as a public place a default in the eye.

Many people are asking, why can break through the traditional media, outdoor media keep in the domestic advertising market growth echelon 500 billion?The secret is in the digital upgrade ability.Covering the audience, the contact time (depth) and the contact frequency, is the core indicators of all media value.Screen before audience data base, from the data capture and accurate statistics of traffic, outdoor digital's first ability, is the "vision".There is no doubt that outdoor advertising by audience must be able to see, when we stand on the threshold of the all things connected, outdoor screen "two-way mutual regard" ability, has become a digital outdoor advertising configuration rules.

It is important to note that the Internet and mobile Internet online advertising activity is very wonderful, there is no suspense to occupy the major media contact time of consumers.Outdoor advertising opens the digital audience view life scene, combined with the real consumer lifestyle and psychological intention offline value.It can be an unprecedented change the way we use outdoor media and even use all media.When consumers on a weekend/holiday leisure process in the business center, tens of thousands of consumers 2-3 hours of visual environment and consumer line, into the commercial center data value of information transmission, brought us new design and creation.

Wanda cinema line has line drainage of consumer data and offline venue screen, cinema patch before advertising, promotions and preferential service subscription number follow-up push.Such integration, to provide advertisers is with cultural characteristics and leisure preferences of target label consumer demand data, to provide consumers are carefully processed and promote business information systems throughout the leisure lifestyle experience.

In this era, new technology alone without the support of large data, the result is likely to be wasted a lot of resources.Both deep interaction, and a glimpse of information exposure, has a trade, exchange, and introduce the value of space.Customers are increasingly hope across the screen interactive communication ability.Understand the meaning of the data for the outdoor industry, construction and its value, need based on the data evaluation of customer experience value in an all-round way.