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At the end of promotion, the company benefit;-- -- -- -- -- - GM photoelectric
【Time】2016-12-09 14:35:00   【From】LEDGM   【Views】

First of all thank you very much for the majority of customers of the GM photoelectric vigorously support, since the second half of all kinds of raw materials do not rise, all kinds of LED display industry product price rise, make a lot of customer didn't enjoy the good price, for this purpose, the company executives with all the raw materials suppliers to discuss strategic cooperative relations, 17 years for each supplier support photoelectric and customer, all reduce the purchasing cost to cut part of the original product price to feedback the old and new customers. The company decision, by the end of the promotion, the company benefit amount.

Promotion timeOn December 9, 2016 - December 31, 2016

Promotional material

           1. P10 outdoor full-color (SMD3535) big incentives, 450 USD / square meter 

           2. P8 outdoor full-color (SMD3535) big incentives, 550 USD / square meter

           3. P3.91 high-definition full-color indoor die casting aluminum (SMD2121) big incentives, 980 / square meter

           4. P4.81 high-definition full-color indoor die casting aluminum (SMD2121) big incentives, 880 / square meter

          Above promotional products per unit purchase 100 square meters of less than, other models product price, please consult the sales staff, placing all your account immediately after shipment.

This is the last years ago on promotional activities, mainly is the feedback has been support mai photoelectric new and old customers, please consulting business. GM photoelectric cost-effective P10 P8 full-color LED display and LED leasing products will be your best choice!