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Open in promotion, the company benefit;
【Time】2016-01-18 11:46:00   【From】LEDGM   【Views】

First of all thank you very much for the general customers support for gold mai photoelectric, due to the promotion by the end of time is too short, the first job is busy, logistics limited, many customers have not been able to enjoy the preferential promotional activities, and reflect to the company for many times.Company after a long-term cooperation relationship with each supplier about 16 year, ask each supplier support mai photoelectric cut the original purchase cost to a partnership. So the company decided to open in promotion, company benefit

Promotion time: on January 18, 2016 - February 28, 2012

Promotion content: during the activity, P10 outdoor full-color LED display big incentives, 3600 / m2, P3.91 indoor die casting aluminum big incentives, 6600 / m2, other product model, the price for enquiry, please sales personnel, placing all your account immediately after shipment.

Product information: P10 outdoor full-color LED display, to adapt to the large engineering project P3.91 indoor die casting aluminum           

 The blue division or AnPuGuang packaging (high)                                             kinglight of encapsulation
                   Large Angle reverse polarity highlight LED                                               2121 The Highlighted LED, 
                   Low power consumption: an average of 300 w/m2                          Low power consumption: an average of 180 w/m2 

This is the end of the big on the final issue of promotional activities, mainly is the feedback has been support mai photoelectric new and old customers, please consulting business.Also for 16 years in LED display sales busy season, golden mai photoelectric cost-effective P10 outdoor full-color LED display or LED leasing products will be your best choice!